CUTC’s Over

Well, CUTC’s now over.  Thursday was pretty good, but not too much significant that I can remember.  Friday morning, I got to chat briefly with a keynote speaker from Intel about quantum computing, and some of us got some great entrepreneurship advice from a seminar speaker from DataMirror.  Then an awesome lecturer presented some cool computer vision and audio processing projects he’s managing.  Later, at the Tech Expo, I handed out some of my business cards and talked to some people at RIM, Motorola, Apple, Infusion, Google, and Microsoft.  Saturday was interesting too.  One of the seminar speakers had started up a business in Burnaby years ago and he knew of D-Wave and Geordie Rose.  After lunch, several of us from Carleton Comp-Sci learned “the cup game” and had some fun with it.  A group of 3 Carleton Comp-Sci and 2 Ottawa U students won a laptop each in the Lenovo TechTeam competition, and they definitely deserved it with the ton of hard work they put in, including an all-nighter or two.

Well, I suppose it’s back to the tons of homework I’ve gotten from missing 2 days of class.  (I’ve got COMP 3004, in case you’re wondering why I’d have a ton of homework from just 2 days of class.  I’ll probably make many a post about that course in the next while, if I’m not too busy doing the work for it.)  To those of you at CUTC whom I said I would contact, don’t worry, I’ll get to that tomorrow after some good sleep.

(originally written on Mon, 15 Jan 2007 00:08:00 EST)


~ by Neil Dickson on May 27, 2007.

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