D-Wave Demo

It’s finally announced!  Everybody, mark February 13th, 2007 on your calendars (or February 15th for those who can make it to Vancouver).  The long-awaited first public demo by D-Wave Systems Inc. now has an official date. Smile
The people there deserve a huge round of applause.  Many worked long hours of overtime into the evenings and weekends to make sure that this demo would happen, and now that it’s announced, they’ve just got to make sure that everything goes flawlessly on the 13th and 15th.  Definitely, the best part of my 8-month co-op at D-Wave was being able to work with such great people on such great technology.

The advice I’d give to anyone wanting to work for D-Wave (or any fast-moving company) is to keep on your toes and get used to learning new things quickly.  For example, my small contribution to this giant leap was the molecular pattern matching application.  Until September (4 months into the co-op), I had no idea that I would need to know any chemistry for the job, and it suddenly became a primary focus of what I was working on.  I’m glad that I remembered some chemistry from high school. Wink

Congratulations D-Wave, and best of luck on the demo dates!

(originally written on Mon, 20 Jan 2007 20:11:00 EST)

~ by Neil Dickson on May 27, 2007.

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