From Thunder Bay

I’m currently in Thunder Bay visiting relatives. It’s been a busy week or so, and I’ve got another busy couple of weeks coming up too.

On the 22nd, my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Calgary came to visit in Deep River. We had lots of good food, including the following four dinners consecutively: roast beef, turkey, ham, lamb. All are a welcome change from the 4-6 days per week of pea soup I ate in Vancouver to save money. (I tried all sorts of neat combinations of pea soup with stuff like salsa, cheeze, and coleslaw, but it’s still pea soup.)

My friends from high school (or as we jokingly call ourselves, “the fiasco”) got together to watch a few movies on the night of the 23rd. We saw the new Miami Vice, but didn’t really pay attention much because we were chatting about our various adventures at school. We also watched Beerfest, which is a pretty funny movie, even though I don’t drink.

On the 24th, I picked up my very first set of business cards (ordered the day before), and I’ll be bringing them to CUTC 2007 in two weeks. On the 27th, I also signed up for my first credit card, so soon I’ll be able to buy some stuff online when I need to.

On the 25th, my father figured out how to get my French horn’s valves moving quickly enough again. It seems that the choice of oil makes a all the difference in the world. Thanks to that, I practiced an hour and a half on the 26th (mostly playing duets with my dad on trombone) and an hour on the 27th. Hopefully I can get my lip back in shape for playing in the Carleton Chamber Music Group this coming term.

Today, I flew to Thunder Bay with my mother, father, and brother, and we’ll be flying back on the 31st, then I’m back to Ottawa on the 2nd for classes on the 3rd. Yup, it’s a pretty busy schedule, but that’s almost always the case with me and my family.

(originally written on Thu, 28 Dec 2006 23:40:00 EST)


~ by Neil Dickson on May 27, 2007.

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