Projects are done, and exams are almost over! Smile COMP 3004 was a whole lot of work, and there’s still the exam on Friday, but at least the project is done. I’d like to thank my team for all the work we put in together. It was worth it in the end.

I’ll be working at D-Wave again starting May 1st, but until then, aside from some studying for exams, I’ve been madly working on PwnIDE for some fun. It’s gone from about 50 java files to 94 java files in about two weeks, and it’s by far the most design-intensive project that I’ve done yet.

So, how on Earth is it 94 java files? Well, to put it simply, I’ve been laying out a framework for it such that things are updated whenever anything changes. For example, as you change the name of a function or variable, the name is updated everywhere it’s used. In a few days, when you change the type of a variable, the error checking code will update its assessment of whether there are any type inconsistencies. Undos and redos are another thing that should work soon.

What’s the ironic part? Basic code editing will be very hard to get working, because eveything’s in terms of objects instead of text. As such it’ll take me a while to make the program able to edit in terms of text.

There are a few general goals of the PwnIDE project: make assembly language programming a whole lot faster and easier; make code documentation faster and easier; and eventually, make integrating different languages together much easier. It sounds like an impossible set of goals, but it’s looking like it’ll actually go more smoothly than I first expected. With any luck, I’ll have a first release ready for the fall so that if I’m a TA for COMP 2003, the students might be able to have more interesting assignments than bubble sort. Also, it should make Own OS Core development go much faster.

(originally written on Wed, 25 Apr 2007 02:45:00 EDT)


~ by Neil Dickson on May 27, 2007.

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