This blog now updates through, so people can actually post comments. Smile  It also means that it’ll be easier to update, and that I can separate entries into categories for the front, Own OS, and PwnIDE pages.  Now I’ll be able to give updates on each of the projects more often, and people can subscribe to one or more of them without subscribing to all of them.

There’s still a bug that I might not be able to fix any time soon, which is that when you post a comment, you’ll be redirected to the blog on instead of back here.  The issue is that the SCS web server doesn’t have the HTTP extension to PHP installed, so I can’t make POST requests to  Hopefully that’s not too much of an issue.  The only other thing is that the dates on older blog entries were lost, so I put them in the message text.

Overall, this should be really handy.

~ by Neil Dickson on May 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Blog-tastic!”

  1. testing: 1,2,3
    Pretty sweet, Neil!

  2. BLOG! 😀

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