Own OS Test Interface

It may seem a bit premature to be writing a user interface for Own OS before it’s fully functional, but thanks to a simple wrapper library I’ve written, it’s now fairly simple to make and test Own OS interface applications under Windows.

The rudimentary interface application I’ve written (mostly an interface library) is completely in C++, in case anyone was wondering whether you’d be able to make applications for Own OS in something other than assembly language. I’m considering making a more formal interface library out of it so that:

  1. It’ll be worth putting in the (or a new) repository, and
  2. Other interfaces and applications will be able to use the same interface library

Here’s a screenshot of the current test interface:

Test UI Screenshot

Everything in this is simulated, including the cursor. When running in Windows, the program “thinks” that it’s writing to video memory, when really there’s a full-screen window reading that chunk of memory and writing it to the window 20 times a second. One of the funny things with that is that it’d be quite simple to instead take that chunk of memory and apply it to something like a cube, for Beryl fans.

The button will show 4 different images, one each for up, hover, down, and disabled. The cursor image is decoded from a GIF file, though there’s still a bug decoding GIF files that are much larger, so the background and button images are bitmaps.

I’m more focused on PwnIDE than on Own OS at the moment, but I’ll try to figure out what to do with this interface library in case anyone’s interested in writing interface or other applications for Own OS. The classes are quite reminiscent of Java’s interface API, so it shouldn’t be to hard to use and expand.

~ by Neil Dickson on May 31, 2007.

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