I’ve assembled a TODO list of features that need to work before a “real” release of PwnIDE.  There are 15 high-priority (essential) items left, including things like undo/redo, error detection, auto-complete, etc.  I’ll post the list sometime soon if I get around to it.  The target date for having the high-priority stuff done is sometime in September, so I’ll probably make an official alpha or beta release then.

Things recently accomplished from the list include saving, some more code editing functionality, and the beginnings of error detection.  I also added a means of displaying error messages without the command line (since I don’t expect anyone to run it from a command line).  One more day is left in this long weekend, so I hope to get something else done tomorrow (today, since it’s past midnight).

~ by Neil Dickson on July 2, 2007.

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