Error Detection

Most of the error detection now works!  This means that built-in assembling should be relatively easy, but that feature is being left for the beta version or later, since it’s not as essential.  Error fixing and other suggestions by the editor are also for later, but error detection is pretty handy on its own.

I’m also currently taking a course for which I’ve chosen my project to be getting PwnIDE to alpha so that I have a solid deadline on it.  The only really fancy feature to get done before alpha is context-sensitive autocomplete.  Everything else is stuff that I’ve roughly figured out how to do, including several loose ends of features that I’ve counted as complete.  For the course, however, one requirement is that I use 3 open source libraries, which pretty much forces me to get some SVN support working.  SVN support won’t be in the alpha though, since it could be very difficult.

Stay tuned also for  As PwnIDE expands into a multi-person project, some operations will be done under the name Code Cortex.  Related future projects will also be done under that name.


~ by Neil Dickson on September 16, 2007.

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