Still not alpha!

PwnIDE is still not alpha and it’s past the end of October! Don’t fret, though, it’s coming. I have a draft paper due about it on November 7th, so I must focus on the paper for the next few days, but the most important remaining features before alpha shouldn’t be too hard. Those features are (in order of importance):

  1. Delete headers (e.g. functions, structures, variables, etc.)
  2. Move headers up/down
  3. Copy/paste headers
  4. Find usages (I may put this off)
  5. Go-to-definition (partly done now, so I may put off the full implementation of it)

The first 3 are fairly similar, so only doing one of them should be difficult, and hopefully not too difficult if I’ve designed things well enough. With the automatic UI updating and scope updating, (go observer pattern!), removing a header should be as simple as “aFunction.getParent().getContent().remove(aFunction)”, but I have to sort out some issues with Swing’s KeyListener first.

As always, the current latest version (0.1.13) is on the downloads page.

~ by Neil Dickson on November 2, 2007.

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