Do not buy from HP

Over the past 4 to 5 months, I have had an HP (Hewlett-Packard) laptop.  It worked fairly normally for a couple of weeks.

Then, the wireless card started not working some of the time.  Then within a few days, it rarely if ever worked.  Many people on the HP support forums seemed to have the same problem.  Apparently there was a problem with the laptop motherboards in the summer, because of which major devices (e.g. the screen) would just fail.  HP then fixed the motherboards… for all devices except the wireless card.

So, I got a USB wireless adapter.  It wasn’t perfect, and didn’t get the greatest reception, but it sufficed until two days ago.  Just two days ago, my laptop wouldn’t boot.  I don’t mean that it got to the Windows loading screen and told me there was a problem.  I don’t mean that it got the the BIOS loading screen and told me that it couldn’t find the OS.  I mean that the screen stays off, not even on and black, but completely off.  The lights on the keyboard light up, the DVD drive does its power on self test, and then after about 20 seconds, it resets and does the same thing again.  Then yesterday, it would stay on for about 1 second.  Today, it won’t turn on at all.

A friend of mine had the same issue with his laptop not booting, but with a brand new HP laptop.  He sent in his laptop to get fixed, and they told him that nothing was wrong with it, then sent it to the wrong person.  In all, it took over a month to get his laptop back, and when he finally got it back, although it would boot, HP had installed Vista, and didn’t give him the registration key for it.

Now I’m going to have to send mine away to get fixed, and so I may lose much of my work on the screen saver.  I got the neurons with a pulsating glow.  Hopefully I can recreate that once I get my laptop back.


~ by Neil Dickson on December 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Do not buy from HP”

  1. I owned an HP laptop in 2005 (yes, that is ancient time). They keyboard was horrible: Touch typing was impossible since the keys often do not response well. After about 6 months, it failed to boot, but the warranty was only for 90 days, so I was out of luck. Long story short: I don’t recommend HP laptops if you are looking for reliability and usability.

    I have been through the following laptop brands: HP, Dell, Sony, Acer, and Apple. Of these, I recommend Sony and Apple. My Acer laptop is only a couple of months old and I like it very much. However, I have not used it that long to judge its long-term reliability to make recommendation.

    Check out my blog at where I talk about programming, photography and other odds and ends.

  2. Good point about the keyboard. I find that the space key on my HP laptop would often put in 2 or 3 spaces, and some keys wouldn’t respond half the time (like C, which is a pain for copying and pasting).

    The other brand of laptop I’ve had experience with is Toshiba, and I haven’t had any problems with my Toshiba laptop, other than that the DVD drive is starting not to be able to burn DVDs, but I’ve had the thing almost 2 years now without many issues. It was a low-end model when I bought it too, so I’m surprised that it’s served me as well as it has.

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