Progress Report

So how did I do on that agenda I listed for August?  This is what got done for Inventor IDE Alpha 4:

  • Layout problems fixed
  • Enough support for external includes for COMP 2003, but it still needs some work for the future
  • The first two videos of the video tutorial are out, with the rest coming over the next few weeks (It turned out that they weren’t needed immediately.)
  • Most auto-complete cases handled
  • Slightly more go-to-definition support
  • Tons of bugs fixed

That means that the next thing on the agenda (other than more tutorial videos) is built-in assembling.  I can’t wait until I can just hit a “run” button and have the thing compile and run.  Check out the assembly language video tutorial at ShowMeDo, and be sure to post any questions or comments about it or Inventor IDE on the forum I’ve just set up.

~ by Neil Dickson on September 9, 2008.

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