Limit of Neil as workload approaches infinity equals crazy

This term has been insanely busy, but it’s finally over.  I made it through mostly due to the kindness of some professors.  The following is a list of major commitments I had this term:

  • Distributed Operating Systems, with 3-4 papers to read and review each week
  • Parallel Computing, 4 assignments and a midterm; fairly easy
  • Computational Geometry, a grad course with 3 very tough assignments, a paper, presentation, and project
  • Numerical Analysis, 6 tough assignments and a midterm (for which I should have brought a calculator 😦 )
  • Astronomy, 2 assignments and a midterm; not too difficult, but a ton of memorization
  • TA’ing Computer Organization, 5 sets of assignments and a set of midterms to mark, plus weekly office hours, plus helping people with assignments when they were close to due
  • Chamber Music Ensemble, 2 pieces on French horn and 2 pieces on cello, 2 of which had rehearsals twice a week for about an hour

All 5 courses had an exam, all 5 of which were within 10 days, the last 4 being within 5 days.  The Computational Geometry paper, project, and last assignment were due within those 10 days, plus the last set of assignments for Computer Organization was given to me to mark within those 10 days.  To top it off, the Numerical Analysis exam was exactly as brutal as we had feared, with so many formulae and processes to memorize that I literally wrote one of my answers as “It’s in my notes.”

Luckily, the Computational Geometry prof was kind enough to extend the things due for that course just enough for me to get them done.  Mind you, out of the 3 nights before last night, two were full all-nighters (i.e. one I was up for 37 hours straight, and the other I was up for 32 hours straight), so it still was no cakewalk.

The kicker of it all: next term might be just as crazy. *sigh*

P.S. I’ll post about my Computational Geometry project as soon as I fix my website, which has been mostly broken for most of the term.

~ by Neil Dickson on December 18, 2008.

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