Inventor IDE Alpha 5

Compile and run code with a single click in Inventor IDE Alpha 5

After many months of mind-breaking work, Inventor IDE Alpha 5 is finally here with built-in assembling, a greatly-improved UI, and a new sample application!  These should make the rest of the assembly language video tutorial go much more smoothly.  I encourage those of you running Windows to download it and press the bright green Run button to see what I mean.  (Sorry to Linux users without WINE; I only have it compiling to 32-bit Windows executables so far.)  I was going to post more videos this weekend, but some last-minute bugs cropped up that couldn’t be ignored.

Also of note is that soon (probably a couple of weeks, since I’m swamped with 3 performances, 3 assignments, and 2 exams in these next 2 weeks) I’ll be posting details of some competitions I’ll be holding to let you all get involved with developing important (and very cool) pieces of Inventor IDE.  It’s no fun doing this all alone, so I’m eager to see what people come up with for creative and cutting-edge components.  😀

I don’t want to jinx it, but if all goes well I may be able to get enough government funding for Code Cortex to start paying people a salary too.

~ by Neil Dickson on March 30, 2009.

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