Inventor IDE Alpha 5a and Inspiration

After fixing dozens of bugs (probably between 50 and 75), adding a Stop button to stop a running app, and adding support for building operating system code, Inventor IDE Alpha 5a is now out.  🙂

It now no longer freezes if an error (like running out of memory) occurs while compiling, and numerous other checks for errors were added.  If you get an error message, please send me a screenshot and a description of what led to it.  I’ve got a cool idea for a full debugging system for reproducing errors, but unfortunately, there’s no way that I have time to make it.

Alpha 5b should be out soon with a project settings dialog box, so that you can choose to make a 64-bit executable, set up the segments in an operating system build, and hopefully create a DLL that actually has exports.

Alpha 6 will introduce what I consider the first truly awesome feature of Inventor IDE, and it’s something I’ve been waiting years to see in an IDE, even though it’s so simple, but you’ll just have to wait to see what it is… or badger me until I spill the beans.  😉

In other news, Code Cortex is now incorporated, so I can start applying for funding, and if that works out, hopefully I’ll finally be able to start paying people for their work.  Also, I stumbled upon some notes I took at a CUTC 2006 presentation by Infusion Development‘s CEO, Greg Brill, and I remembered how inspiring and encouraging they were:

  • make something you’re passionate about first; don’t think too hard about the business stuff
  • find the opportunity missed by the industry now; who’s being ignored?
  • business plan sometimes comes after the success
  • shut up; do something!
  • try it; fail
  • business is easy: find a need, fill a need
  • learn
  • if you love it, you’ll do it

I get a lot of discouraging, useless business advice, usually from people who only care about making money, so Mr. Brill’s talk gave me hope that one person really can make a difference.

~ by Neil Dickson on May 29, 2009.

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